Babies: 0-9 months

Purple crying

All babies cry. Some more than others. This can be one of the most challenging times for adults. The Period of Purple Crying is a phrase that can help you know and remember this is a phase that will pass. Babies crying:

Peaks at about 2 months. (Starting around 2 weeks and tapering off by about 14 weeks).

Unexpected and unexplained. It can continue even after you check for hunger, diaper change, temperature, etc.

Resists soothing. This can be frustrating and disheartening for adults. It can help to keep a checklist of things to try.

Pain-like face. Even though a few minutes before, they were smiling and cooing.

Long lasting. A healthy normal baby can cry up to five hours a day or more.

Evenings. This is the time of day when adults are tired and maybe just transitioning home after work.

For ideas about soothing, sleep, and self calming strategies, visit, or It helps to know this time will pass, and the smiles, sleep, and delightful times will grow.