Goals by age

Concerns about development

If there is a concern about a delay or progress in any of the learning domains, there are free resources for a child to be screened and to support their development.

For children under age three, the State of Alaska offers the Infant Learning Program throughout the state, and an interactive map helps find their local Infant Learning Program. Staff there can arrange for a free screening and, if needed, free help if a child is found to have some delays.

If the child is older than three years old, the same services are available through your local school district, and may include free preschool for children needing some additional support. 

The Help Me Grow Alaska website has a free “Ages and Stages Questionnaire” for parents to complete, either online or a paper version. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends every child be screened at 9, 18, and 24-30 months, or whenever there is a concern.

Parents can also ask their medical provider about developmental screening. Head Start/Early Head Start, child care providers, and pre-school teachers are additional resources.